The Soulful Path

connect from within

Plants have been on this Earth far longer than the history books can remember.

We as a society have shifted into a world of advance technology and mass production of pharmaceuticals while at the cost of losing our connection with the plant world and thus, ourselves.

The goal of The Soulful Path is spread knowledge and wisdom about the power of plants, our consciousness, the universe, and the environment around us while promoting guidance to individuals in their path to healing with our planet by using ancestral & ritual traditions. We believe that with the right knowledge & guidance, we can truly make a difference in our own personal health and wellness while making a positive impact on the planet, the universe and society.


With the concepts of Ancestral Medicine, Evolutionary Herbalism, Meta-physics, Vitalism, Bio-Regional Herbalism and Alchemy - we believe we can make a difference in the world for those who want to listen and learn. 

Let your light from within be your guide to the Soulful path.

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