Founder of The Herbal Soul

The Herbal Soul was founded by Isabella Diaz in the year of 2019. Growing up in suburban NY with the traditional cultures of Philippines and Puerto Rico ancestrally within her, Isabella divinely gravitated toward the natural and meta-physical world. Her beliefs in ancestral, ritual and indigenous plant medicine, astrology, herbalism, alchemy, psychology, meta-physics, eco-psychology, vitalism, and bio-regional herbalism has opened her to guide and educate others about these concepts. She began by earning her Bachelor of Science in Psychology in May of 2018 from The University of Central Florida and dived into the world of the mind and its concepts by many different philosophers and clinical studies.

After some time, she decided that she wanted to explore a more natural and spiritual approach to healing and dove into pursuing her dream of becoming a Clinical Herbalist. Isabella has earned her Natural Health Professional Certification from Trinity School of Natural Health and her Master Herbalist Certification through school and apprenticeship of Rose Kalajian and her Natural Health Hut in Tampa, Florida. Isabella took apprenticeship with another Herbalist, Susan Clemons in Orlando, Florida where she performed in a clinical setting by using techniques and concepts of Kinesiology (Muscle Response Testing) and RBTI Testing (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) which allows her to create customized natural health assessments and personalized herbal remedies for one’s own specific needs. Isabella has received her Reiki Master Certification from the Usui System of Natural Healing, in which she combines her skills and passion to heal the mind-body and soul with light divine energy and herbal love.

Now land-tending and learning in Colorado, Isabella's ultimate goal is to spread knowledge and awareness about our ancestors, the land & earth we live on, plants & their medicinal + spiritual properties, ourselves as soul beings having a human experience in a physical body, the universe, and while divinely guiding others in their path to soulful healing.

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